Monday, 28 November 2016

Driving style based personality types :)

We have all heard about the "n" number of personality types that exist. Especially, Human Resource professionals like me, will be able to relate to what exactly I mean by "n". I have been observing people driving on roads & interestingly, I can categorize most of them into a set of personalities based on their driving skills & behavior.  I have to mention that this observation has been possible only because of our kinda "Traffic Sense". So here's what I usually observe, enjoy reading -

1. Aggressive, Ambitious & Extrovert : This is the kind of people you see, who just race past you without being concerned about overtaking rules or the unexpected overtaking itself ! This does not necessarily mean that they are in a hurry. Their aim is to simply be fast. A sub-category in this type is the guys who zoom past on fast noisy bikes, they probably think it is a waste of the "Fast Bike" if they do no do so. This also is possibly a means for them to gain attention, although momentary. This category can also consist of those who think they do  not have impressive substance other than their vehicle. They are extreme risk takers.

2. Unambitious, Carefree & Lazy : This category is an easily recognizable one. These are the kind of people who are in absolutely no hurry to be anywhere. They drive very very slowly & choose to go by their own pace whatever & I mean really whatever happens to the rest of the world. Their mantra is, "if you are in a hurry you go, don't ask me to make way". These are a content lot. They are mostly unambitious & have very little drive for achievement. They do not like to rush, may not really like to adhere to deadlines, rules or targets.

The above category has two sub-categories :

a. Adamant Low Risk Takers : This category consists of people who are unambitious because they are extremely apprehensive & do not enjoy taking risks. They would rather drive slowly & carefully to avoid any harm to themselves & others than speeding or overtaking. They like routine & change scares them. They do not trust others, as in other driver. Hence, they think they need to be extra cautious to compensate for the lack of responsibility in others. These are the people you see braking often & slowing even if another vehicle is meters away.

b. Low risk Takers who can be provoked otherwise : This category is a special flexible one. These category drivers are otherwise unambitious, carefree & lazy, unless provoked by competition ! Have you experienced this - you drive past someone driving slowly & at the extreme side of the road, but the moment you do that, you see that someone speeding immediately & overtaking you in turn ? And in most cases, going back to the normal slow speed after having overtaken you ?? If you are nodding, this is a classic case of experience with a provoked low risk taker :) They are driven by external motivation, especially competition.

3. "Situationally Adapting Drivers" - the most common Category : I call this the most common category since this is the most commonly observed sect & would encompass most drivers. These are people who are reasonably speeding drivers, who drive slowly if they are pre-occupied & fast if they are in a hurry. These are also people who adapt themselves to the situation. If they notice that there is less traffic on the road, they would speed, but would immediately slow down in case another vehicle approaches & then mostly go with the flow. These are normal risk takers, overtake if there is an opportunity to, otherwise they do not mind waiting for the traffic to clear. They behave otherwise only if they are in a hurry but are careful at the same time.

Feel free to add your own categories !

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