Monday, 28 November 2016

Its never too late !!

I've wanted to do a lot of things, learn a lot of things. But it is only recently that I could begin doing some of them. Most of them, things that bring joy to me that only I can know of. The more I am going ahead with these, the more I realise how much more there is to life than work, home, family & friends, and that it is never too late to do all those things that you always wanted to do.

We all are bogged down by responsibilities & duties, some forced upon by others & the others forced upon by ourselves. Over years, our priorities change & we begin to focus on the more serious part of living. We relate most things to age & pacify ourselves that we have crossed that age. But the truth is that there is no age for doing anything. Just begin & there you are.

Most people do not understand why you would want to learn something or pursue a hobby. Especially if neither of them are adding any value to your professional image. And so, a little opposition in this regard is quite possible. But is it really necessary that everyone approves of things that you want to do or learn ?

The highest degree of freedom that one could achieve is freeing oneself from worrying about what others might think. Only if one can do that, one can develop a perspective free from prejudices, independent of social acceptance parameters & be completely honest. This is something that we should be adding to the values that we want to live by.

Life is uncertain. Isnt it only right if you lived it the way you wanted to, did things that you wanted to? Most joys in life come from little things. And if we choose not to accept those, only we are responsible for our misery.

Life is about doing things now & here, living it the way you always wanted to & not just planning to live it. Its never too late to start, to back to square one, to change. The only condition being, take responsibility.

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